Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 initiation of intentions

So the past 6 months have shown some great challenges and ordeals - getting laid off due to budget cuts, several moves, slow-moving freelance digital media buisness, and general life and spiritual challenges to round it out.

I've noticed most of the challenges I face day to day are my own lack of motivation to harness the ultimate potential I have available to me. I finally took care of the last of the lingering piles of mail and put-off-until-tomorrow papers (including taxes), and am once again shown the depth and truth behind the statement "The external circumstance is a reflection of the internal state." Spring cleaning, as it were, of the internal psychological state, resolving not to put off all this shit any longer.

In the name of efficiency, I'm honestly taking a look at where I am and where i'm investing my energy - and this past week has revealed some rather deep insights into how I'm viewing life. I realized that my meditation practice has been sapping due to the fact that I'm so worried about material plane junk that when i go to sit I'm just trying to escape the hectic day instead of launch into a psychonautical adventure across space and time. I also realized that I've been way to stressin' on the whole "get a job to buy a car and get a house and retire" paradigm - even tho I pronounce myself to be against that entire lifestyle. Instead of investing my energy into stressing about a long-dead paradigm, invest it into cultivating deeper spiritual experience of my Self and the community and friends I already have!

The things I'm seeking in life - spiritual practice, community, and friendship, are all assets of wealth that I already have. It's a total waste of energy to be stressing about anything else. Why strive for a false wealth when I'm very close to sustainably fulfilling the true wealth that I'm yearning for?

Defining wealth:
It's obvious that the old systems of currency and value exchange are dead and dying, of an age of empires and industrialization, and no longer relevant to a world with a terrible job market, failing economy, enormous technological potential, and a digital revolution bubbling out game-changing droplets every 2 months. The internet has more or less rendered copyrights and traditional means to horde ownership, and there-after wealth, obsolete. Open- and crowd-sourcing is the workforce of the future, and the new wealth is the interconnected and in-the-know community that participates in the new scene that we are all mutually co-manifesting.

Today one of my closest friends and fellow urban-ninja brothers Jay and I got together and shared what we've been working to manifest lately. Jay is super into alternate forms of currency where instead of working for debt we work to better ourselves and the communities we live in, community-based shared work-living-social environments, and generally raising our level of human experience from slavery to a system of debt and obligation to actively participating in a world of self created joy and exuberance to be alive and mutually experiencing this incredible universe we happen to find ourselves in.

Always refreshing and inspiring, and as I'm initiating a new outlet for my professional creative flow, the timing couldn't be more ideal. The spring time is when we move out of the introspection and internalization process of the winter, and begin to manifest our new growth and budding yearnings for the new year. My perscription: regular, daily meditations, artistic (music, digital, traditional) expressions, and more social interaction with the amazing friends and community we have!!

Aum be strength!

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