Monday, August 18, 2008

Beloved Festival

Wow, what can I say other than this was the most amazing gathering I've ever experienced at one time! So many beautiful people, so many good friends, so many good musicians!

We arrived on Thursday around noon to help set up, after a ridiculously hot day moving about all over the place, we spent a nice evening around the campfire doing improv singing, drumming, and mantralizing. What an amazing way to start things off!

Friday, Bagavan Das, what can I say - absolutely knockout performance (though I'm not entirely convinced the sitar wasn't being played off a CD). Awesome kirtan, good vibes, great presentation - even tho he did look at his Rolex half-way thru, slyly and subtly tho it may have been done. Friday night had some absolutely amazing DJ's and music, tho I was far too exhausted and went to bed at midnight, then proceeded to oversleep until 10:30 am Sat. morning.

I experienced reiki for my first time from my buddy, hung out with friends, ate some delicious curry prepared by Matt and Kiki, and then listened to the most amazing music. Chebbi Saba's set, although amazing music, was to me a bit dissapointing. I'm sure he's an amazing DJ, world famous in fact, and I know for a fact that the drum player is amazing (i watched her play next to Bagavan Das), but the DJ'ing was not so hot, and the drummer couldn't keep up. I dont know if the drummer was what was throwing him off or what, but I heard at least 3 terrible mixes and one absolute trainwreck, not what I'd expect from a name that big. The songs themselves were absolutely amazing, but blech - they should have just muted the mic of the drum player.

Gaudi rocked my world. Best DJ i've heard in QUITE some time. True showmanship, great crowd reading, amazing track selection, absolutely amazing mixing! Phutureprimitive - amazing music, amazing vibe, great set. Everything I had hoped he would be.

I got to hang out with some amazing friends, make some new ones, and meet some way dope dancers and share some moves. hanging with Pop'n'Tod was totally cool - amazing dancer and totally chill guy!

Sunday was filled with all sorts of chilling. Tho i only got 2 hours of sleep, i still managed to do some dancing, tear down our campsite, and then drive home 6+ hours. I still don't think my body has really woken up yet.

My only real complaint about the entire festival was the joker who decided to get up on stage and ask people to "cheer when they wanted to go home on sunday" (so they could get a feel of when the shuttles should go). Excuse me? Cheer to go home? The day before the festival is over? Uh, no. That totally killed the vibe, sucked the energy away, and in fact it started raining off and on for the rest of the festival after that. You dont say those sorts of things right in the thick of the most intense energy in the middle of the best musicians on the main night. No. That was totally un called for. There are other ways of dealing with that issue.

This festival was pretty much the sum total of everything thats good about music, festivals, art, and community, all rolled into one event lasting 3 days and 2 nights. To all who attended, and to all those who helped make this possible, I love you, and you are all amazing people! Thank you so much!

...And I totally should have talked to that cute girl.... sigh oh well...

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